What is Blablacar and how does it work?

como funciona blablacar


I was asked many times about Blablacar, what is it and how it works 

Well, its a cooperative system of transportation. If someone needs to drive from a city to another one, he/she offers the free seats in the car. It’s a good way to reduce expenses (fuel + tolls), spliting with other people whom need to go to the same place. The driver and owner of the car will share de starting and finish points and if drifting is an option.  

In Galicia is specially useful for the legs on AP-9, one of the most expensive motorways in Spain, and also to connect small villages.  

Do I recommend it? Yes. I myself used it as a driver and as passengers. No problems at all. 


To be a user you’ll need to download the app and open a profile. Other users, the ones travelling with you, will give a score of your driving, punctuality, behaviour.. So it’s quite easy to decide who do we want to travel with. 

Paying a minimum of attention to this last point, you have great possibilities that everything is gonna be ok. The app has also the option to alert other users if something didn’g go well. You will have the driving score available, so please, take a time to choose whom with. Some drivers admit animals and smokers. 

If you have any issue, for example if you need to cancel, or the driver is the one canceling, etc.. you’ll find a solution with the app. They will give your money back, but you will need a new plan. 

In conclusion: pick your route and decide if the available option/s is good enough. Read the reviews, and ask the driver if you have questions. 

This opinion is based on my personal experience. It’s not a sponsorized advice. 

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