The Best trip planner to Galicia

Are you planning a trip to Galicia?Going to an agency and buying a pack? Or planning it on your own way? In this last case, you will need time and attitude. Yes, some people enjoy the trip from the planning! With this easy guide, I’ll try to help with some tips:   

 Planning will depend on 3 factors:  

  • how many days the trip will last
  • your budget
  • the leitmotiv or the trip: culture, nature, cuisine,  relax and beauty, etc.. sometimes a mix of them. 
You can follow this:

Easy Guide

guia facil vacaciones galicia


This is the firs thing you've got to do. At least include the transport to get there, and accommodation. This 2 will be the bigger costs of the trip. Make use of this planner below. You can also include a daily expense. As more complete is the budget, much realistic will be. At the end, add between a 10 and 20% more for unforeseen circumstances.


Calculate how much the transport will be. If you are coming by plane, get an idea of how much will the tickets cost. Main airports are Santiago de Compostela (in the middle of Galicia), Vigo (south) and Porto (wide range of destinations and direct connection to Vigo by bus) or A Coruña (north, the smallest one). Evaluate different options, then take note of date, price and airport of the best deal you’ve found.  I use to search at Skyscanner, and then compare with the airline webpage. 

If you are coming by train or bus, and then renting a car, this has also to be considered. If you won’t use a car, then you should stay in a well connected city, to optimise your time. The cheapest mean of transport is the bus, or sharing car (with family, friends or Blablacar). 

Anyway, you have to weigh up price and convincente to make a decision.

In conclusion: to get to destiny: flight, bus or train ticket. If coming by car: rental+fuel+tolls. You can use this calculador at Via Michelín. Do not forget to include the return! Divide the total among the occupants of the vehicle.  

Where do you like to stay? Country or city? Close to the beach or in the city centre?

Take a look to the offers. Include the dates, so you will have a good idea of how much could be. Of course, you might have an idea of the itinerary. But if not, calculate with the price of a hotel in Vigo, will be average price. 

Remember to divide the total among the number of occupants. 

make a list with the places you would like to visit, and calculate the expenses. If you have no idea of what to see: take a look at this “must see”. To make it a quick, calculate with the further place you are going on each day (remember: rental+fuel+tolls). Add the return, and some extra, in case you are gonna stop in more places. You can do that at Via Michelin.

The only one way with toll is AP-9, from Vigo to A Coruña. Want to know how much is it? Calculate the tolls cost here: precio de los tramos.The other option is national route, slower, but scenic.  Divide the total among the occupants of the vehicle. 

If you come by train or bus, and would like to do some excursions, stay in a big city. Vigo, Pontevedra, Santiago or A- Coruña are the best communicated ones. It’s something that will save you a lot of time. 

First, calculate an average cost for food. Average prices: breakfast: 3,50 €. Menu of the day (lunch, weekdays): 10-12 €. Sandwich+ drink: 7,50. In total, about 21-23€ per person/day.   

Finally, add some extra money for tickets/leisure/souvenirs. As a guidance, you should know that many places are free,  whit a few exceptions: – visit to Cies or Ons Islands (boat ticket): to Cies 17,50 to 19,50. To Ons, 15€. Tower of Hercules:3 €, free on Mondays. Castro de Santa Tegra: 1€ if going by car. Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela Museum: 6€. Including a visit to the Portico de la Gloria: 12€. Museums between 3-5 €. The rest of tickets are free. 

No time to do this? Take a look at this quick calculation.  

Essential if you come from outside Schengen Area. The countries that participate on the Schengen Area have an agreement about health. They will cover medical assistance and medication in case of emergency. You might have to pay the total or part of the expenses, and be refunded (or not) when back to your country. An advice? Find out which conditions have your country with Spain, and then take a decision. 

If you come from abroad EU, and would like to have a local number, there are many options. The best ones cost 25€, more or less, and expire in 15 or 30 days.  Si vienes de fuera de la UE y quieres tener un número local, puedes encontrar tarjetas Sim de variados importes. Las que tienen mejores prestaciones rondan los 25 euros (o más), y sirven para 15 o 30 días. Data is available for EU ( ask for particular conditions).

Add between 10 and 20% for unexpected circumstances. 

guia facil


Check that you have all documents required: passport, ID, driving license for EU, credit cards, vaccines... and they are all renewed. If you need to renew any of them, take in count if there is time enough.



It's momento to book the flight tickets. Skyscanner or even Google tells you when the prices are cheaper. Bus companies don't change tariffs, and Renfe ( the railway Spanish company) uses to offer discounts for tickets bought in advance.

guia facil viaje galicia


Decide which itinerary are you going to follow. Maybe you'd prefer a road-trip, circular or lineal. Maybe you prefer a fix place and plan excursions from there, or simply, just stay at only once place. It´s important to agree the itinerary with the rest of partners. Likewise, you should plan the excursions and visits. You can even leave a "free day" or "free afternoon" if interests are quite different. This way, anyone can accomplish his/her particular desires.


Once you have the itinerary, you can now book accomodation. Its conveniente to find good prices to do that as earlier as possible. You can also find last minute offers, but that could be risky in high season. Nowadays you can cancel many of the bookings for a few more.


Once you have the bookings done, you can pick a travel insurance. In general, they include not only medical expenses, but also trip delay or cancellation, lost or stolen baggage. You may also need a parking at your local airport, book excursions, hire a local guide, and organise an agenda. You can also find out what the weather is gonna be, that's important a few days before packing. Some of this information you can find in Practical facts.