2 days in Mariña Lucense

mariña lucense

2 days in Mariña Lucense

Day 1: Viveiro & Sargadelos

  • To start, visit  Viveiro**. Walk in the Old Town through the Puerta de Carlos V (Carlos V Gate). Go all over Plaza Mayor (main square), church of  Santa María del Campo, Church of  Santiago, an the Convent of the Concepcionistas, the Lourdes Grotto, the Puerta de Valado (Gate of Valado), and some ruins of the wall. 
  • On the opposite side of river Landrove, walk up to Fuciño do Porco viewpoint from Abrela beach, where you can park.  See directions below: Practical Facts. The 1,7 kms stroll, it’s a bit tricky, but it deserves the effort. At the end, you will discover the amazing views of the Cantabric Sea from one of the most spectacular viewpoints in the Mariña Lucense. 
  • Visit the Fábrica de Sargadelos**, Sargadelos factory of handmade porcelain. The Historic Ensemble of  Sargadelos includes the must-see Paseo de los Enamorados (lovers path), the botanic  path A Escarabelada, and the Pazo Ibáñes, among others.  The entrance to the factory costs 3 euros, and they organise guided visits. 
  • Head to San Cibrián. There you can visit the Museo del Mar, about the fishermen’s life in Mariña Lucense. They show some curious pieces, as some part of a whale skeleton and stuff maritime fauna. (Closed on Mondays) TE: 982 594 572. Free entrance.
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  • Finish this enjoyable day in the lighthouse of Punta Atalaia, built in 1864, and lately renewed. Beside the lighthouse, there’s a modern viewpoint to observe Os Farallons. According to the legend, in this group of islands lives the Maruxaina, an enchanted lady that caused many wrecks in the area.

costa lugo que ver
  • Go all over Ribadeo**: at Plaza de España you can appreciate the best example of modernism (art decó) in the city: La Torre de los Moreno (the Moreno Tower), designed by a disciple of Gaudí, Julián García Núñez. You can observe the dome, covered with iridiscente ceramics from all the villa. Next to it, the Pazo de Ibáñez, the actual City Hall, former residence of the founder of Sargadelos factory. From this place, you can follow the Indianos Route in San Roque  neighbourhood, or visit the Chapel and A Atalaia viewpoint. This place is surrounded by canyons and embrasures protecting the mouth of the ria.  
  • To recover of the long walk, visit any of the bars on San Francisco Street (they offer good octopus), or the bar in the Parador, whit gorgeous views.

Day 2: Ribadeo & outskirts

  • Visit the Basilic San Martin of Mondoñedo. It is considered the oldest cathedral in Spain. In the same vein, the romanesque frescos inside, are the ancient ones in the Galicia.
  • Not far you can visit the Castro de Fazouro, a hillfort museum, dated back between I and III a.c, located next to Arealonga beach.
  • Drive to the Cathedrals beach**. Actually, its name is Aguasantas, but is popularly known as Cathedrals beach because of its rocky formations, similar to flying buttresses of gothic cathedrals. The contrast between slate-board, sand, sky and sea, add a genuine scenic value to its geological and ecological importance. (See practical facts below).
  • Next stop will be the lighthouse in Isla Pancha (Pancha Island). In fact, there are 2 on this islet, connecting the continent by a pedestrian bridge. It is possible to visit the island (cafetería is open during peak season) and you can even stay in the older lighthouse. 

What to eat

2 days in Mariña Lucense seems enough to taste the local products of the sea and the land.

From the sea: we suggest  Celeiro hake-line caught; tuna from Burela,  barnacles from Rinlo and sea urchins. From the land: best products of the vegetable garden are integrated in local cuisine. The queen of it is the broad bean from Lourenzá, a bean plant of exceptional quality due to its thin skin, its incredible water absorption and its soft flavour. Yes, my mouth is watering in vain. Another exceptional product are the mushrooms, of great variety and quality. 

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The most well-known dessert is the Tarta de Mondoñedo (Mondoñedo Pie), a sweet mixture of flavours: sponge cake, spaghetti squash jam, almonds, glazed fruits..

How to visit Cathedrals beach:

  • the most important issue in this itinerary is to organise the visit to the Cathedrals Beach, and modify the route, depending on it. You MUST visit it during low tide, which happenes  twice a day. The recommendation is to arrive one hour and a half earlier than the lower tide. Please, check the Tides Table» here. In addition, during peak season (summer), you must have a permit . Obtain it  here » 
  • Only during low tide you can access to the beach. In case you visit it during high tide, notice the scenery will be completely different. The promenade along the cliffs brings spectacular scenery (and pictures). Moreover, if you have time, stay and discover how the landscape changes with the tides. 
  • There are public toilets (not free), only during peak season. During the rest of the year you can go to the toilets in the bar (only for clients). 

How to get to:

  • The Bus Station of Ribadeo is about 10 minutes walking to the centre, and the one in Viveiro is close to Puerta de Carlos V.
  • Consider that Train Stations, (they are just stops)  in both cities, Viveiro and Ribadeo, are a bit far.

Practical Facts:

2 días en la marina lucense

How to visit Fuciño do Porco:

  • To go to Fuciño do Porco you can use your GPS, writing Ruta Fuciño do Porco, that will take you directly to the parking. After parking, start walking the 1,3 km flat hike till arriving to the wood uneven walkway of Fuciño do Porco. No toilets in the area.
  • During peak season (July and August) it is compulsory to have a permission.    Request it here.
Pancha Island

The best experience

"To finish an intense day trip with a drink or dinner with a view, at the terrace of Talasso Las Sirenas."
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