Essential visits to Santiago de Compostela

Essential visits to Santiago de Compostela

This city is a must-see for those seeking history, beauty, culture, and spirituality. Its old town, a World Heritage Site, with its paved streets, picturesque squares, and antique buildings, will transport you back in time and overwhelm you with beauty and sensation. We have compiled a list of our must-see attractions in Santiago de Compostela to ensure that you do not miss anything.






Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela

Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela

It is the final resting place of the apostle James and the site of one of the world’s most famous Christian pilgrimages. Its architecture combines the best of numerous styles. Its interior features works of art and sculptural jewels such as the Pórtico de la Gloria, which is rich in symbolism and secrets waiting to be discovered. The Apostle’s tomb and the Botafumeiro are must-see attractions. More than 1000 years of antiquity are displayed before you, allowing you to collect the best of them.

The Four Squares of the Cathedral

Facade of Azabachería

The cathedral is flanked by four squares. The Plaza del Obradoiro is where pilgrims arrive, and it boasts excellent views of the Cathedral’s Baroque exterior. The Plaza de la Quintana is separated into two levels named Quintana of the alive, and Quintana of the dead. Its quiet beauty makes it an excellent spot to reflect. The Plaza de Platerías, located on the Cathedral’s southern facade, has a bustling atmosphere and the only Romanesque entry remaining. Finally, the Plaza de Azabachería is less crowded but equally magnificent, offering access to one of Santiago’s secret jewels.

Museum of the Cathedral

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Covered Cathedral of Santiago

There are numerous reasons to visit it. It teaches you about the Cathedral’s architectural and historical growth. You will gain access to a collection of sacred art with significant artistic and cultural worth. Its library houses important archives, including the Calixtine Codex. The panoramic views of the city from the museum will impress you… and we could go on with the reasons why you should visit.

Producers market

Producers market in Santiago

After the Cathedral, the Abastos Market is the second most popular destination in Santiago. One of the greatest venues to learn about the daily lives of the compostelans and Galicians in general is the market, which offers a large range of local products, fruits, and vegetables. In the market itself, you can sample the fresh fish you purchased and appreciate the superior quality of the product firsthand. In a dynamic and vibrant environment, you will discover the mysteries of regional cuisine. It is among Santiago’s must-see spots.

Alameda and Viewpoint

View of the historic centre from alameda

Las Dos Marías, an intriguing sculpture honouring two sisters who brought colour to the dictatorship’s grey stage with their glitzy presence, will greet you. Additionally, you may take in the views of Santiago’s historical complex while sitting next to the sculpture of Valle-Inclán, a famous writer, and getting up close to the “of the lovers” eucalyptus. Because it is full of stories and beauty, it has been a favourite stroll for compostelans since the 19th century and will continue to be so for any visitor.

Museum of the Galician People

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Elicoidal staircase San Domingos de Bonaval

It is housed in the mediaeval monastery of San Domingos de Bonaval and is dedicated to preserving Galician traditions, customs, and culture in order to prevent identity loss. The Galician People’s Museum organises activities in permanent rooms, temporary exhibitions, and research projects. The convent is built in baroque style, and within there is a remarkable triple elicoidal stairway. The Gothic-style chapel houses Rosalía de Castro’s bones in its pantheon.

These attractions will introduce you to the essence of Santiago, which you must see if you want to learn about the city’s history, culture, and heritage. The streets, buildings, and ambiance of this city will transport you to different periods of history, and you will realise why knowing these places is crucial for anybody visiting Santiago de Compostela.



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